Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Unlucky Few

To answer your question Lacey.. uh, no.
This is also not our first run in with the g tube nasties, so is the life of raising a kid who is somewhat immuno - compromised.
Last time it was staph, and we spent 10 days inpatient on IV antibiotics.
At least this go around we've fared a little better. A serious, hard core antibiotic at home, and an immediate trip to the ER if like last time, the line of infection on the skin makes a bee line for his heart. Last time it was already headed there and it bought us an immediate admission, so, all in all still better than last time.. so far.


You're all lucky my camera has dead batteries cuz there's some gunk under my kids elmo shirt that's just jonesing for it's 15 minutes of fame.

It is, in the words of a former intensive care nurse ...... icky.

Now after a trip to Walgreens and the purchase of some sterile saline burn pads for the oh so yucky gaulding around the lil man's mickey,
he... is.... out.

Thanks for the love.

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