Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hot Stuff...

First off today, we have more germies. Yup, my lil dude has managed to get infected with some sort of new icky nastiness. An unrelenting fever for two days and the fact that every bit of food that entered his mouth ended up on the floor were my first clues... I'm a quick one... go me.
Doc says she can't see in his ears (go figure), and his throat is super raw so we've added another two antibiotics to the arsenal. The plan is to hopefully eradicate the nasty buggies before his surgery on the 24th.

Sounds like a plan.

Tomorrow we have a work in appointment with GI as well. The button issues we've been having are aggravated by the fact that his last mic-key blew out and that left us with a back up button that doesn't fit.
I finally got someone to listen to my requests to see an enterostomal nurse too. Everyone has been trying to fix his stoma leakage by putting in shorter buttons, but the real problem lies in that the stoma won't heal. Ever since the staph fiasco last year, the stoma has never fully recovered and a raw gaping hole in the gut is never a good thing.
Sooo, they agree that his current button is much too large. They want to size him down all around (french and length). The plan for tomorrow is to pull this hideous monster out of my kids belly, recheck the size of the track, have him evaluated by the wound care nurse, and if all goes well, get him into a button that fits, is usable, and will allow his skin to heal.

Seems do able, right? This all comes at a time when his normal oral intake has dwindled to nothing... Sigh.

We are somewhat used to this dance, normal has never been our strong suit. However, I'm willing to give it a whirl.
Oh, and whoever came up with free medicine flavoring at Target.. we love you. Hey, he may not taste it when it goes in but grape bubblegum sure does smell good.


  1. Ewwww, ewwww, ewwwww...That sounds like a wild afternoon of repeated unpleasantries. Ewwww. Shame on that monster button. Shame on that naughty stoma.
    I've heard rumors of a powder the wound nurses possess that can be sprinkled on the stoma to suck up the wet and help the healing...ever get some of that? Ask for the magic powder. That's all I know...magic...powder...

  2. what surgery is he having? Did I miss something? I was going to ask you if your meds are from Target. We just moved ours there. I love their bottles, there so nice.