Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thinking Small

So we did it this morning. I gave the munchkin some playtime in the shower and pulled out his button. After about 10 minutes I felt pretty sure that all the yummy goodness hanging out in his belly was gone down the drain. I dried him off, rubbed on some lotion, and proceeded to stare at the hole in his tummy.. like a freakin hawk.. for four hours.

It was pretty amazing really, watching it slowly shrink up to a shadow of it's former largeness. Around 2 pm I decided not to tempt fate any longer and popped that sucker back in. All seemed well until he took a good swig of juice and I watched it roll down his tummy and soak the top of his diaper.


It is smaller, and the surrounding skin looks a bit less like it's been gone over with a match. So tonight we'll give it another go after he's asleep.
Hopefully we can avoid the GJ button. If it has to be, it's not the end of the world, I'd just like for something to work and be simple.. just once.

He deserves it.


  1. Darn, isn't THAT the truth.
    He must be LC's stoma nemesis. Poor stinker...can't wait for this little gizmo to be an afterthought for you all...

  2. I'm not gonna lie...I did round out the afternoon at the ER with a nice glass of wine or two...
    Which is why I'm thinking Preparation H. BRILLIANT, right? A little dab of that on the stoma every so oughtta shrink right up. That is the official recommendation from the Home Journal of Inebriated Medicine.

    No need to thank me.