Monday, June 22, 2009

I Was Right...

How often does that happen???

When it comes to my cautious optimism, pretty darn often.

I took that button out all night til it was a mere pin hole and STILL my poor baby is a leaky mess. To top it off, the dressing came loose last night and his whole side is red... ooohhh!

Next step i've taken is to call in some advice from our friendly pediatric surgeon. The yahoo that put this blasted contraption in my baby in the first place.

Really he's a great guy, he seems to think that with all the abcessing and infections that he suffered in the first months after the tube was placed, that this site may be a lost cause.

He had to go back in several times after the initial placement to drain abcesses under his skin and even placed a temporary drain once. He's leaning toward the idea that we may have to resite the tube altogether.

Wow.. i'm so excited (can you feel the sarcasm?).

Not what I was hoping for, but if that's what it takes then I guess we have no other option. V's already down nearly two pounds, and for a kid who was decidedly NOT chunky before, it's kind of a big conscern.

For now, I will follow suit with the Boom Boom and focus on some daily gratitude..

I am grateful that Vincentio will eat some things orally and one of those is potatoes. If I make them thick enough, potatoes aren't leaky... how's that for some outstanding parenting???


  1. I agree, Leaving a big scar and moving the tube would be a pain, and another surgery. But living like this is crappy too. Ugh

  2. Yeah, but you haven't seen my kiddo's belly, it already looks like a road map. I bet Jax's does too.

  3. Well, crap. Will it not shrink due to the scar tissue?