Monday, June 8, 2009

A few too many.....

This is the name of today's post because that's how the lil man is walking as of late.. like he's downed a few too many if you know what I mean. He's been pretty grouchy and clingy recently, totally not like my boy. Even in heart failure, and with a collapsed lung he managed a smile now and then. He's a tough one, but this past week he's been, well, off.

Apparently lil man's ear tubes have come out.. again. His ear canals are so full of fluid that his balance has taken quite a hit, resulting in my sweet baby boy walking like a drunken sailor.

His temper has taken a similar turn, but I guess if I were walking sideways and falling on my face more than a few times a day I'd be a little off the personality meter too.

So, surgery is scheduled for the 24th and until then I'm just trying to find some fun "sit down" activities. Or I could buy a wee tiny helmet and just let him go.. or not.

1 comment:

  1. Hey I have a soft helmet for jax that we never used. I'll send it your way, LOL. I guess you'll have to keep him caged up for a while.