Monday, June 22, 2009

Please Pray...

For one of our bestest lil men.. Jaxson (Jaxson's Fight).
He and his Momma are having a very rough time right now and they can use all the prayers and loving they can get. Jax is pretty sick and having lots of pain since his latest surgery. He is also having some problems with his heart and his Momma Lacey is scared and exhausted. She has spent so much of her time making blankies for other peoples children who are ill (including a beautiful one for Vincentio) and now she is in need of some serious payback, so go show her and Jaxson some love at

Lacey and Jaxson... We Love You!!!

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  1. Hey, Stephanie...For some unknown reason I cannot see Jaxson's blog entries and haven't been able to for awhile...thanks for updating. If you have Lacey's email address and could pass it along, that would be awesome...