Friday, June 26, 2009

One Down

Surgery went well, they removed the old tubes and all the gunk that was surrounding them. They drained all the fluid from behind his eardrums, and placed the new set of tubes. While they were in there they removed his adenoids so that maybe in the future, the fluid that keeps building up will be able to drain more easily.
Our pediatric surgeon stopped in when he was in pre-op to take a look at his g tube. He thought maybe he could do something while he was in surgery that day and get it over with but it didn't happen.
After talking with us and looking at him, he's decided that V needs to be scoped again and have a new tract placed through his abdominal wall. After he has a week or so to recover from this round of anesthesia we will have him admitted for a couple of days. His current button will be removed and the stoma will be allowed to close. Then he will take him to the O.R. and scope him to get a good internal look and replace the tube in a new tract.

Lord I hope this is worth it, my poor baby isn't eating right, his skin is absolutely wrecked around this current site, and he's so uncomfortable. I really hope this works.

Last but certainly not least.. I have to give a big happy birthday shout out to my oldest son William. The day of the surgery, June 24, my boy turned 16 years old. I am so very proud of him and proud to be his Mom. I'll have to get a picture on here soon, he is just so handsome.


  1. Glad everything went good. I think getting a whole new g-tube site is the best thing. Maybe this site has just had it. Will they put an NG down while they let the old site heal?

  2. Oh, oh, oh...I can't bear the thought of V having to endure a NG toobie on top of everything else. LC's doing well with the Gtube, but her NG experiences were much more in keeping with your Gtube trouble shooting. (We had to put it in and take it out with EVERY feeding...)

    We're jealous of your ockin' new ear toobies, Vincentio! Can't wait to heathat things are looking up for your poor belly...we want to see a picture of that tummy floating in a swimming pool!

  3. apology for typos. not drunk. pudge on lap. naughty demon.

  4. So glad this surgery went well. When Christopher had his tonsil and adenoids out, they weren't able to get all of his adenoids. Don't know what that will mena in the future, but glad it is not a "typical" DS thing.

    Boy, I hope they can get something done with the G-tube. I just hate that he has to go through it again, but if it help in the long run.......Keeping you all in our prayers.


    Steph and Christopher

  5. Thanks for the advice. Were did you get that stuff? Do you have to get it from your homecare company? I will ask mine about it on Monday. You've seen cecostomies. Do they usually leak? I really hope not.