Saturday, June 20, 2009


Alrighty, I am being cautiously optimistic here. With all the gadgets and doodads we've been given to try an get a handle on this gtube mess, the dreaded "anorectal paste" seems to be the winner so far.

Critic-Aid skin paste has become my magic potion of choice. I have actually been pulling his mi-key out for several hours each evening and just letting it be. I dab on some paste and cover it with some versalon sponges and away we go. Another awesome product we've been introduced to through our wound care team is Mepitac Tape. It's a silicone tape that is made especially for wounded skin and lord almighty the stuff doesn't even leave a red mark. This kid has a second degree burn on his side they are also treating from an accidental run in with regular tape, and this Mepitac stuff hasn't left a single mark on him. I love it!

Tonight I had the button out for about two hours and his skin looks better than it has in weeks (I hope I'm not jinxing it).

He even did something very rare and downed an entire 8oz. bottle of Pediasure.. and so far his gut hasn't sprung any leaks. I am amazed and excited especially since this upcoming surgery is going to leave him with a very sore throat and most likely little appetite for a while.

So tonight is a happy night and hopefully tomorrow will be more of the same.


  1. Man I need to see if we have that tape here. I did find mefix for his g-tube dressing, and it is pretty good. Tegaderm is the worst on his skin, and he is allergic to that clear, bumpy tape they always use for IV's.

  2. Tegaderm was spawned by Satan himself. He's clever...he makes you so obsessed with the task of getting the blasted crap on without wrinkles or folds in less than 9 tries that you forget the reward for your accomplishment will be the literal skinning of your child.

    I'm making a list of your recommendations...SOOOOOOO friendly of you to share so we can specifically request V-approved ooze-stoppers. That grin is AWFULLY good to see...