Monday, June 29, 2009

It's been a long day...

So V's surgeon called this morning and he's scheduled for his Gtube revision on Wednesday. He ordered us to pull out his mic-key button today in preparation for the procedure. Fortunately he does eat and drink orally but not alot. It wouldn't matter anyway, because everything we do mangage to get down him comes pouring out of his stoma.

It isn't pretty.

He's fairly uncomfortable and our efforts to console him are leaving something to be desired i'm afraid. As long as i can manage a bit of motrin every few hours he seems most comfy just laying on his pillow on the couch... the dog appears to enjoy the company too. He still manages a few good kicks to her noggin every now and then, so she feeling pretty much at home.

It's an odd relationship they have.. but it works for them.

Anyway, at 6am Wednesday morning we report to APH and hopefully we will leave with a healthy toobie. Most likely we'll be there overnight so they can keep a close eye on their handiwork.

I'm crossing all my fingers.. and toes that this works.

I'll get some pics of the lil man as soon as our camera is up and running again. Say a little prayer for the toobie gods to grant us smooth sailing.


  1. Oh, I hope this works out. We will be Keeping you all in our prayers! Hugs!

    Steph and Christopher

  2. I'm praying to the stoma gods for a fabulous new stoma, with no leaking and no breakdown.

  3. We're thinking of you and hoping things are going well for Big V in his button battles...xoxoxoxoboomboom