Saturday, June 20, 2009

A New Perspective

Now that Mommy's had a brief but fruitful meeting with Jose Cuervo and Associates, I have a newfound relaxation.

Gotta love that.

This weekend I'm going to try to loosen up a bit and enjoy the free time with my kiddo's. Next week is surgery, and although the upcoming procedures are rather routine, there is never anything "routine" when it comes to a child like ours having any surgery. There will be the obligatory checks with cardiology to get clearance for anesthesia. Their decisions will let the team at APH know if he must be taken to a cardiac O.R.

They tend to prefer doing any procedure on V with the cardiac team because of his level of pulmonary hypertension and lung scarring. You see, when he went into congestive heart failure before his open heart surgery, it wasn't the gradual downslide that we had been prepared to see. As always he did it his own way. One morning he was fine, and two hours later Daddy was doing CPR on him in the middle of our coffee table. It hit hard and fast. When anyone suffers CHF there are repercussions on the lungs, but his was so acute that the sudden severe pressure increase caused scarring in his lungs and that always keeps the docs a bit worried.

That combined with the injury from the diaphragmatic hernia he developed that collapsed his left lung, caused further damage.

So we constantly dance the dance called "wait and see".

His heart defect damaged his lungs, the defect was repaired, now the damage in his lungs could potentially cause problems with his heart function if his pressures get too high.

So we will have a blissful couple of days over the weekend and on Monday I will start making the calls to prepare for Wednesdays surgery.

Hopefully all will be simple and sweet, the procedure will be outpatient and by Wednesday night it will be but a memory.

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