Thursday, June 18, 2009

Next Step

Well, we finally got the tube of barrier cream that the Dr.B ordered for us. If you can get past the bold print across the front of the tube that says "anorectal protectant" it's pretty good stuff really. Apparently this stuff, called Critic-Aid Skin Paste is one of the strongest barrier creams available for people exposed to chronic enzymatic drainage. Yup, that'd be us. Yippee.

Today Dr.B's nurse Brenda called to let me know that V's been referred to the wound care clinic at Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital. That's where Vincentio was born, and where all of his procedures have been done. Frankly, no other hospital in our area has the "cajones" to touch him, but that's alright with me. APH is an outstanding place and I wouldn't want him anywhere else. I spoke with Terri, the wound care nurse today and they want to see him first thing tomorrow. I was afraid that since he's not solely gtube fed that they might put him off.

Three cheers for folks being on the ball. My munchkin's suffered with this long enough. They are conscerned also because he has already shown a weight loss, from 25 down to 23 lbs in the last couple of weeks. I explained to them that altough he eats orally, it's just not enough to sustain him. Terri seems to think they can help. Otherwise we may be looking at some sort of surgical fix. I seriously don't want to have another surgery. His poor belly already looks like a road map and every GI surgery increases the risk for adhesions and blockages to develope. We've already been there and done that.

So, we're off to see Terri tomorrow and I'm cautiously full of high hopes.

Keep your fingers crossed ... and your toes...

Oh, and extra prayers tonight for our buddies L.C. and Jaxson. They are both treading some rough waters lately but I know they'll be alright. After all that extra chromosome brings alot with it.

Do you know what it brings???

Mommies that never give up, that's what!


  1. Oh, THANKS for the mention!!! AND thanks for a new addition to the gratitude list!
    "Lord, thank you that we're not dealing with anorectal drainage."
    Of course, it's also fodder for the evil thoughts arsenal.
    "...and please send some to..."

    We're DEFINITELY keeping fingers crossed for a wound care super fix-it. Enough already. Plug up the poor skinny bean and let him get some uninterrupted ornery business taken care of. I'm sure he's fallen behind lately.

  2. Yeah for on the ball docs. I know wound care nurses can do some great stuff. Hopefully they have a good idea for him.