Monday, September 28, 2009

Bad News and Good News

First the bad.

F L U.

All four kiddos. High fevers, nausea, dry heaves, diarrhea.
Oh the good times we've had.
Pediatrician says she thinks it was swine flu, but whatever it was, I'm glad it's almost gone.

On to the good...

We saw pulmonology and the surgeon today.

Pulmonology, Dr. B said that for all of V's yuckiness of the past week his lungs sound alright.
We are to continue with his daily Pulmicort nebs to fend off any reactive airway issues, and he refilled all of our regular meds. He even hooked us up with a new nebulizer and aerochamber.. woohoo.

The surgeon, Dr.P says the granulation tissue is just being stubborn... really???
He gave us a new script for some amped up steroid cream and a new regimen to knock out the gooey, oozey, puffiness.
He even said the since V's tube has already been out once, well, twice now, that we can go ahead and switch it to a button and get rid of this long tube! Yay!
He thinks the long gtube wiggling around is contributing to the build up of the granulation tissue. His PA faxed the order to home health at 4pm today and by 7pm we had the button guy knocking at our door!!!

Tonight when he's settled we'll do the switchroo and I'll try to get some pics of his new minimalist belly hardware.


  1. So sorry about all the kids getting the flu. Glad to hear that it is almost gone from your house (hopefully it skips you and hubby!)

    Glad that they were johnny on the spot with home health and V's button.

    Hope it was a smooth transition and a peaceful night for all.

  2. I defintely think the long tubes are much more troublesome.
    Sorry everyone is sick :(

  3. I need a medical encyclopedia to follow you. Goodness!! So sorry all the kids were hit with the flu. Hope everyone is up and running soon.

  4. Right now he has a mic-key because that is all our home health co. stocks. If we want to try the AMT Mini One, it has to be special ordered.