Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Night Update

Well unfortunately still no pictures, Daddy came with the kiddos tonight but in all the commotion getting out the door he forgot. I have to be grateful that he did remember to bring me something to eat!
He took some pictures on his cell phone but I won't be able to post those until we are home.

Today his heart rhythms were much better (all those prayers are working).
He's still bradying down periodically but the episodes have spaced out somewhat and aren't lasting as long.

The IV that was placed in his ankle last night only lasted the day :(
By this evening the IV pump was reading occluded and although they thought they had it working, he wouldn't stop crying afterward. We gave him a dose of pain meds to help him relax and when that didn't help I started looking. The IV site was wrapped with coband (that self adhesive wrap) so it wasn't visible. I started thinking maybe it was too tight, when I unwrapped it I saw that his whole ankle was swollen and hard. The IV had infiltrated when she tried to fix it.
She (the nurse) really tried to get a new one but eventually ended up calling two NICU nurses to get it.
Four tries later it was in.. ugh.

His feedings started this evening, at a big 5 mls per hour! He's now up to a solid 10 mls and doing well. He also started back on his motility meds.

Shows how much I trust our surgeon Dr.P., I never really asked details about what took place during the surgery. Turns out he placed a layer of stomach staples inside V, under the superficial layer of sutures. This helps to explain a little about why he's been going EXTRA slow with progressing him.

Looking forward to our first metal

Oh well, matches the metal in his sternum.


  1. I just must say that Stephanie I think you have such an amazing attitude! You are always positive and look on the brighter side of things. Even through all of this you make me laugh with the metal detectors. Great to see that V's heart has calmed down a bit. Hopefully this iv stays in!!! Sending you prayers and lots of hugs:)

  2. I just got caught up on the post-surgery events. I'm glad things are starting to look better. I hope you guys get to go home soon to the comfort of your own beds!