Monday, September 14, 2009

Courtney.. This one's for you...

Ok Courts, you have absolutely NOOOO idea just how fortunate you are that my camera sucks.

We took V to his follow up with the surgeon this afternoon, and although Dr.P had been called away to surgery, we still saw his P.A.

She looked over his incision and felt that everything looked great.

She cleaned up around the new tube a dabbed a bit of silver nitrate around it.


As she cleaned up around where the surgical dressing had been she saw what appeared to be a bit of skin hanging above his belly button.
As she tried to gently wipe it away she realized that it was not skin.. it was in fact a small bundle of sutures peeking out from the end of his incision (which ends IN his belly button).

Yup. Sutures sticking out of my munckins belly button.


The P.A. didn't seem overly alarmed but she did decide NOT to mess with them. We'll let the doctor handle that on our next visit.

Oh how I tried to get a quality photo..

Who knows, maybe I can borrow a better camera???


  1. Dang, that would have been a great picture. Just like when my ped took out the stitches in his cutdown. It was healed but it still opened up. It was crazy. I love that stuff, sick I know.

  2. Eeew is right (glad you didn't have the camera). I think V has been spending too much time with LC! heehee

  3. If you ever start to entertain Lacey's BIZARRE fetish let me know...I'll have to prepare myself emotionally for my stops in to be wowed and amazed by SuperV.

    Please, please, little Gremlin...let this be the magic procedure that sets you on a path to blog postings I can read without waiting 2 hours after a meal...I've heard 4 year old monkeys generate their own share of grossness. No need to be an overachiever. You've already got 'em all beat in the cute department...