Sunday, September 20, 2009

Poor Daddy

So in the hub bub of the past few days, Daddy's birthday post was put on the back burner.

He turned the big 3 - 2 on Friday the 18th!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!!

We had a great day, all the kids together, and a big FAT homemade cheesecake covered in delectable cherries for the birthday boy.. um, man.

Of course I have no pictures.

Not just because my camera stinks and every picture I take comes out looking like some really bad mugshot, but because, frankly, Daddy doesn't enjoy having his picture taken.

In fact, if I were to get a surprise shot of him, it usually includes some obscene hand gesture compelling me NOT to upload it for the viewing pleasure of the general public.

Love you babe.

1 comment:

  1. Oh that sounds familiar. Happy birthday hubby. And cheesecake sounds like my kind of birthday cake.