Saturday, September 5, 2009

Midnight update..

Ok, it's 12:30am but...

The bradycardic episodes have continued off and on all evening. After a couple of minutes he recovers on his own so for tonight we watch.
His night nurse was nice enough to reset the limits on the monitor alarms so that I can try to get some rest. Silly me still up on the laptop. Bad Mommy.
It is nice not to have to keep getting up to press the "silence" button every 30 seconds.
She promised she would keep a close eye on him (they can see everything from his monitor at the nurses station).

It finally happened, his IV went bad a few hours ago... *sigh*
When I told his nurse to "be prepared for a tough time", she obviously took me seriously. She excused herself and returned with a NICU nurse and let her place the new line.
All in all it wasn't too traumatic. This lady was good, she finally got one in his ankle.
Looks uber uncomfortable, but he's not complaining.

Now he's passed out snoozing and I'm on the computer perched in front of the monitor as it's NOT alarming anymore.

Go figure.

Guess I'll try to take advantage of it and get some rest.

Thank you all so much for loving my boy!


  1. Rest girl,you got to rest.Ironic,coming from me,I know.Rest anyway,don't follow my example.Hope tomorrow brings good things.Praying for the little guy.

  2. Get some rest woman! (As I am rounding up on 40 hours. LOL!) Anyway, Chirstopher is having brady issues too. Do they think it is because they aren't feeding him yet?

    Sending prayers and big hugs your way. :)

    Steph and Christopher

  3. Praying that Saturday brings great news for V and that you both got some much needed rest. Hoping that he is stable and able to eat today.

  4. Hopefully you can get some rest. Praying that things go better. Wysdom always seems to get into some type of complication when we go into the hospital. It is always tough to be there longer than you expected. Hang in there and hopefully tomorrow is better. You made me smile because I do the same thing and let the nurses know that it will be difficult to get an if they are not good they usually get a nicu nurse. Saves our little ones from going through extra pokes. Come on V...we want you home:)