Friday, September 4, 2009

Quick Update

Just wanted to check in and give everyone an update. Unfortunately the feeding for today was put off until tomorrow.
By late this morning the "funky" heart rhythms were back. Less episodes of desatting but he's been bradying down quite often which he hasn't done since the day of surgery in recovery. They attributed the episodes to anesthesia, but the one's today are obviously not.
Dr.P wants another day of monitoring before we try to move on to feeding, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow.
Otherwise he's been awake and interacting more often and requiring less morphine which is good considering the heart issues he's having today.

Sooo... Momma's trying to keep him entertained and not go too stir crazy staring at the monitor all day. Daddy hasn't been back yet, he had to pick up the kids at school. Yay! for the three day weekend! Maybe we'll have some visitors tonight.

Thanks again for checking in.


  1. Sending prayers your way! (Caught up with you on LC's blog.) Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  2. Hopefully everthing turns out okay and the heart rhythms issues passes. Hang in there and hopefully you got some visitors.

  3. Sending you prayers for a quick mending and that this is the 'fix' your son needs. Hope his pain meds are working just right so he is comfy and mom can get some rest. Hang in there!

  4. Thoughts and prayers for you and your little boy, and hoping he gets to come home soon.