Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Are you kidding me???

Seriously. No.

First of all, if that darned toobie comes out again i'm gonna find me some super glue before I put it back in again.


Last night V, otherwise know now as Cheeto (thanks Courtney), was awake with Daddy somewhere around 1am when they decided to do some rearranging in the bedroom.

Don't ask, I have no clue.

Anyway, I was woken up from Daddy yelling a choice expletive.. or three.

Then those words. "It's out again!"


Yes, it's out again. Balloon inflated, everything intact, laying on the bedsheets.

Nice, shiny new stoma.. with nothin' in it!

oh. my. God.


So it's back in. Again. Balloon is a teeny tiny bit bigger this time.


What is it with my kid and that naughty toobie? What I ask you???


  1. Stinker! Stinker! Ooooo...naughty daddy. (But may I tell you how delighted I am by the absence of any green goop mentioned in the telling?)

  2. Thats why I plaster tape on Jax toobie. I'm proud to say its never been pulled out. Wahoo. I'm a little paranoid about that.

  3. I've thought long and hard about that tape trick. Problem is, he's so sensitive to the tape, last time it took his skin off!