Saturday, October 3, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates lately. It's not that there's any less happening around here, it's just been super exhausting.

Mainly V has been stable lately. He recovered well from the flu, thank goodness. I still have yet to get any photographic lovelies of his new improved belly but I haven't forgotten.

This past week Ryan has been our main area of worry. Ryan is five, almost six (Nov.2)..

(shameless birthday plug).

He got the flu also this past week but usually he's an extremely healthy kid.

For a few weeks before the flu though, we noticed a worsening nighttime cough.

Not a dry, asthma like cough, but a sort of junky sounding cough.

During the days he was pretty much his normal self so I figured it would pass.

Then the flu came.. and went, and the cough is still there. A little worse actually.

Now it's increasing a bit in the daytime and he's been much more sleepy.

.. and grumpy.

Now, keep in mind that Ryan is the type you have to promise gifts to, or threaten bodily harm to get him into bed at night. And the last few weeks he's ready for bed by 7pm.

Now the last week he's been falling asleep on the way home from school and sleeping right through dinner.

Decidedly NOT normal.

We're going to see how he is this weekend and we may be making another visit to our friendly neighborhood pediatrician.

Mucinex, Claritin and breathing treatments are helping the cough some, but not enough (Ryan has never needed breathing treatments). And this sleepy thing has thrown me for a loop.
I've already done the nervous Mommy check over. No skin rashes or lumps and bumps that I can find, and when he is up and awake he seems alright for the most part. Except for the overly grumpiness and cough. No fevers since the flu made it's leave.

So, send healthy vibes if ya got em', and hopefully we'll be back to our crazy selves soon.


  1. Yikes, maybe mono? I know that can make a cough difficult to get rid off. Hopefully he gets better soon. Sending those healthy vibes.

  2. Well, it's about time you rose from the depths of your germ wallow to send us all an update. You've been HORRIBLY missed, but SO glad to see your work is paying off in keeping V in the clear. Keeping our fingers crossed for Ryan and hoping to hear a good report...

  3. Never a moments rest for you. Hoping Ryan feels better and get's rid of this cough. We all just got over a cold too. It has a bad cough but not as bad as Ryans. Sending lol to ya. Hoping you get some R and R:)