Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Letters To God...

Sorry for the lapse in updates lately. To be honest I've been "experiencing" Facebook for the first time, and I've become a bit of an addict.
I can't believe how many people I have come back in contact with in the last few days...

Well, one thing that I found out today I wanted to share. When V was in Arnold Palmer Hospital during the summer they were filming a movie in the main lobby. Our wound care nurse explained that it was a movie about a child fighting cancer, a brain tumor. We sat and watched for a time and went on our way..

I never knew anything more about it until today. A friend posted a link to the movies website. It's finally finished production and is scheduled for release in early 2010. It was filmed at several locations including APH and Give Kids The World complex that houses children and their families during Make-A-Wish trips.

And unfortunately, it's based on a true story. The story of the filmmakers child Tyler. It is called "Letters To God".

PLEASE, PLEASE go check it out.. and spread the word!



  1. Looks fantastic, I'll make sure I take my tissue's since I forgot them for My sisters keeper. Big mistake.

  2. Super neat! So good to have you back! :0)