Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Keep Reading.. It's a Two for One!

Well I missed my post for last night, poor little scooter slipped by the kitchen table and bit down on his tongue. Hard.

There was blood EVERYWHERE. It took quite a while to get him calmed down and cleaned up.
A futile measure really. Every time I looked over at him for about the next three hours his mouth was oozing blood.. ugh.

It's tough to deal with a cut in the tongue. Holding pressure sure is hard, and keeping little fingers out afterward is down right impossible.

Daddy finally figured out a way to pucker him up and get the bleeding to stop. He sprayed his tongue with sour spray candy. Even I was impressed.

He's alot better today, although his tongue still looks pretty gross when he sticks it out. But at least it isn't bothering him much anymore.
Lacey from Jaxson's Fight tagged me the other day to tell how my kids got their names so here you go :

My oldest William Lee, is now 16. When we first found out I was pregnant we never really talked much about girl names. I don't know why, but we had settled very quickly on the name Justin. When my ultrasound confirmed a boy, we were very excited. That evening we decided to tell my ex-husband's family about our "boy" when his Mom called to tell us that his grandfather had been taken to the hospital after suffering a stroke at home. They weren't sure he was going to make it. We rushed to the ER just in time to say goodbye. We never even got to tell him our news. His grandparents had raised him, and his loss hit him hard. That evening he asked me if we could name the baby after his grandpa "Bill", William.
As far as the Lee, that was for my ex-husband's middle name.

Our next son was obviously going to be our Justin. He's now 13.
His middle name is also Lee. My Mom used to joke that we just weren't all that creative, but really it's because my Dad's middle name is Lee too.

Now on to my younger set...

Ryan Thomas was my third boy, he's now 5 (almost 6) and Daddy came up with his first name. It was from one of his favorite radio DJ's children. His son's were named Ryan and Gage.
Thomas was my idea, I had always loved the name Thomas. Don't really know from where. Maybe all the Magnum PI episodes my older brothers made me watch as a kid.. "Thomas Magnum". That's the only Thomas I ever really knew of. Good looking, charismatic, what wasn't to like? Ryan Thomas just seemed to flow.

Now Vincentio, that's a whole other story. We could NOT think of a name for this kid. We couldn't agree on anything. Daddy is half Hawaiian and half Italian so we started looking through name books. His oldest daughter had been given a Hawaiian name, Kalei (pronounced kah-lay) so we thought that the youngest should have an ethnic name as well. We looked through half a dozen Hawaiian name books and just couldn't find anything we could agree on and the male Hawaiian names in his family are VERY hard to pronounce so we didn't want to go there.
We started looking at Italian names on the internet when I went into premature labor. Two days after he was born we were still looking (ha). With all the hubbub going on with his DS and heart diagnosis, my older boys took on the task of looking for a name.
On the third day after he was born, my boys called me at the hospital and announced that they had found the name Vincentio on an Italian name website.
It is a derivative of Vincent, the conqueror. It sounded exactly like the strong name our little munchkin needed. As for his middle name Albert, that is for Daddy's grandfather who raised him and my paternal grandfather who died when I was young. The only one of my grandparents I was ever really close to.


  1. I always wondered how you got Vincentio. I love it. Hawaiian names are very pretty too. I have a hawaiian friend and I love her kids names.

  2. I love the way Vincentio got his name, that is so cool that the boys picked it out for you.