Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yes, I'm a slacker.

As you all know by now, this is Down Syndrome Awareness Month.
Many of our blogging friends are participating in the 31 for 21 this month to expose the beauty and wonder of our loved one's with Ds.

I would be participating myself if I weren't so busy chasing after my loved one with Ds.
Yep, the V man has been running us all ragged since he's healed up so nicely from his last surgery. He's into everything. Destruction on wheels.

I couldn't be happier honestly. As tired as it makes me, I still remember those days when Ms. Sue (our PT) couldn't even get him to bear weight on his legs without a shrieking chorus of displeasure.

Now, I have to resort to the "baby jail" on occasion just to brush my teeth without a major disaster.. ha!

Even his every six hour med doses are only short pit stops and a quick raise of his shirt to "shoot the button" as Daddy calls it. It's sooo nice with this new site, it works right and since there's no pain involved, he readily allows me access without any meltdowns.

Well, that's the breakdown, the runchkin is kickin my butt.

Just spending my days trying to keep up.. and enjoying the healthy while we have it.


  1. Yahoo! Let's hear it for cardiovascular fitness ala healthy squirt.

    Keep moving and stay ahead of those germies, V. We miss your mom's posts but you're the only thing sweet enough to pass as an excuse for her absence.

  2. That look on his face spells trouble. I agree that I would take that tired anyday over the tired of sleeping on a hospital bed at night. Go V!

  3. Glad to hear that V is so active. Mist your post..but you have a good excuse.:)

  4. Feeling a bit like you.Busy,busy here and that feels WONDERFUL after the latest year ... close to down right normal.Dare I say that ??V looks great and praying for healthy days in abundance.

  5. That's the best way to have it. It's all good if your exhausted because he has all the energy. Means the little man is doing good. Glad to hear it!