Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just one more "bump"...

This one isn't about V thank goodness, but it is about Daddy. You see daddy has a condition called peripheral neuropathy. His uber efficient doctor (not) still has NO clue as to where this has come from.
Lately in addition to his numbness and pain, he's been having bouts of breathlessness and becoming very overheated. Tonight he made an impromptu trip to WalMart for some nighttime goodies around 9pm. At 10:30pm I was getting pretty worried, and by 11:15pm when he pulled in the driveway I was darn near frantic.
Turns out he got way overheated and lost his breath so he sat down on a bench and proceeded to PASS OUT!!!
The manager and assistant manager wanted to call him an ambulance but my hard headed man rested a bit and chose to get his goodies and drive himself home!
Keep in mind we live in the middle of NOWHERE.. so if he hadn't of made it home we would be literally up a creek....


Well, outside of knocking him out myself and driving him to the ER, I'm hoping we get a good night's sleep and all is better tomorrow.

I love not having insurance....

Barring any major disaster, stay tuned for super cute halloween photos to come (picture me crossing my fingers).


  1. Hey,it's me.Been absent once again. The loss of another little one,has hit me hard.Just getting my footing a bit.Hope your husband gets to the bottom of this.. pretty scary to say the least.Have a good weekend and as always, thanks for all your encouraging words.

  2. Oh hubby's. Hopefully he feels better or you can get to a doctor to figure things out.