Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Much... except Cheetos.

Not much is right, it's been blissfully uneventful the past few days. I would love to entertain everyone with some super cute pics of the V man, but I cannot find my camera.


How the heck you can lose a camera in a 26 ft trailer I just do not know. There's barely enough room in this thing to breathe let alone lose anything! But I guess if it can be done...

... it would happen to me :)

Hopefully our treasure hunt will produce something. I've always complained that it took crappy pictures, but at least I could take some. That'll teach me to complain, right?

When I do find it I'll have to show you all a picture of our latest find... color changing Cheetos.
They turn your mouth blue when you eat them! After a few my munchkin looks like he's pulled a dracula on a fountain pen!

AAhh, that's going to be my challenge to a certain stumpy little cutie we like to call Miss Pudge (Yes I mean you LC).
Tell your Mama to go to the store and buy you and Daddy some color changing Cheetos.

I bet that'll be some photo shoot.


  1. Color changing cheetos huh? You are one brave momma. But I am a wuss when it comes to letting my kids eat messy things. I'm a party pooper

  2. That's crazy, I have never heard of the Cheetos before. It would be good for Halloween if it makes you look like dracula...

  3. My Andrew foams at the mouth if you just whisper the word Cheeto, I don't know if he could handle that much excitement from a Cheeto. But I want to find out. I'll be looking for those!