Monday, October 12, 2009

Consider this your "fair warning"...

Damn it!!! It's not fair.

She's 10 yars old, and she can't move. Since Saturday she can no longer move AT ALL. She can barely breathe, she can't open her eyes or speak. She can't even squeeze her Mom's hand anymore.

She can cry. When she is touched or moved for any reason, she can cry from the pain.

When her family tells her that it's OK to let go, to be with Jesus, she can cry.

Where is God's plan in all of this? Don't get me wrong, I am still a believer, but it's just so hard to understand how this is possible.

Where is God's mercy?

There are pink ribbons everywhere for breast cancer, as there should be, it's a horrible disease.

Where are the gold ribbons for our children ???

.. 46 children are diagnosed with cancer EVERY DAY.
.. it is the #1 killer of children, more than cystic fibrosis, AIDS, and genetic anomalies combined.
..EVERY NIGHT, 7 children fighting this beast will not live to see the next day. has been 20 YEARS!!! since a new drug was approved to fight childhood cancer.

Why don't more people seem to care ???

Where is their hope for a cure ???


  1. Oh Stephanie, can you believe we have to imagine what these poor parents are going through watching their daughter suffer. I'm getting a little tired of the pink ribbons too, our children need some cancer awareness. Children are our future.
    It is yet another thing that makes my faith waver just the slightest bit. Why would he make a child suffer so much? Its not fair :(

  2. You're right it's not fair.
    I have the utmost pride in the pink ribbons everywhere, it took a great feat of determination to get breast cancer awareness where it is today. EVERYONE knows what pink means. I just don't understand why we can't seem to get our equally important issue of children's cancer awareness to the same level.
    There are a few companies sporting the gold ribbons now.. but NOT nearly enough!

    So many people don't understand that childhood cancer is a completely different beast than adult cancer. It can't be treated with the same drugs in most cases. It needs it's own funding for research, and LOTS of it!

    We need to spread the reality, and unfortunately, it's not an easy one to hear.