Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Time Is Near...

Sweet Jessica is still here, for now.
Her Mom, Teresa, feels strongly that besides the love she has for her family, that the one thing keeping Jessica here is the fact that she desperately wants to see her 11th birthday.

That day is still three days away.. it might as well be a million....

Teresa cannot stand to see Jessica suffer any longer. In her weakened state, Jessica is a bit confused when she is awake. With the huge amount of pain meds she is on, it's amazing that she can be awake at all.

Yesterday Teresa decided that Jessica's birthday can't wait any longer. Her baby deserves to be free.

So they decided that yesterday, Saturday 10/10/2009 would be Jessica's "birthday".
They knew that she would never be able to eat a birthday cake. She can no longer swallow due to the tumors in her neck. But how could she not have one?

So they asked her what kind she wanted, carrot or chocolate. With a huge smile, Jessica ordered the chocolate birthday cake.

"Chocolate".. is the last word she spoke.

Since then she has been relatively comatose. She does sigh and make sound now and then, but her pain seems controlled so she sleeps peacefully for now.

The whole family is beyond in shock that this may be the end. Jessica has fought so hard for so many years, no one can believe it's really about to be over. The fight for her life has really ended. Now the fight is for her to gain a beautiful set of wings. To fly free.

I will post more when I know. For now please pray for this child to have a peaceful journey.


  1. wow this is heartbreaking. Poor little thing. I can't believe children have to go through this!!