Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why I'm Missing

To answer the question that my dear friend CH posed...

I'm not in the pictures at the beach for two reasons.

1: I was taking the pictures

2: The lobsterfied parts of my anatomy lie below the waist, hence the previous post titled "toasty buns". It wasn't used solely for the cuteness factor.

Although I could give you a mental picture.. um.. no.

Probably not healthfood for the psyche.

Anyway, the swelling in my lower half is still pretty frightful, i've been led to believe by some well intentioned advice that i've suffered a bit of sun poisoning.

I wouldn't doubt it. I have old lady "kankles".. you know when your calves go straight into your shoes?

I'm pretty swollen alright.

I have to admit though, the sympathy help from my better half has been much appreciated. He's not usually one for the kind hearted sweet stuff, but the horror of my burntness and seeing me walk like I have no knees has brought out his softer side.

I'll take it where I can get it. I'm not proud.

As for the little runchkin, his gastric outputs have been way over the top all day today. I'm looking for a better way to set his g port to drain. All we have is a small plastic drain from the hospital and it does the job, but when his output is this high it's hard to keep up without it overflowing.

I'll apologize now to anyone in this area who had to step over the huge green puddle of stomach ooze that was left in the Albertson's parking lot earlier today.
Couldn't be helped.

If any of you have experience with this and can give me any bright ideas it would be much appreciated.

I wish Tuesday's GI test would hurry up and get here already.


  1. Have you tried using a Farrell Valve? Usually you hook them to the feeding bag before attaching the whole contraption into the G-tube, but for your purpose, I would think it would work. Google Corpak Farrell Valve by Viasys. I don't have the link handy right now, but who ever supplies your feeding supplies should be able to get you some. One other nice thing is that they are marked so that you can keep track of how many mL's you are getting out of him/day


  2. Come on test, come on test. What will this test show? I hate stomach and bowel stuff, it can be so nasty. I found that working in the hospital. Our heart kids would go home soo much sooner than our GI kids.

  3. Oh...the picture of your sunburned cankles wading through stomach ooze...god bless your gift with sarcasm, self-deprecation and must NEVER stop blogging...

    and i have NO idea what contraption would assist you, but Steph is the champ in all things medical anyway...I'll just keep praying nightly that LC's ornery stoma stays nice and TIGHT...