Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finally Home

Yes folks, we have officially been discharged.. yeehaw!

Yup, I'm from the south.. can ya tell?

We got home late last night with a butload, um, can I blog that word??

Ahem.. alot of prescriptions. Seven new ones to be exact, in addition to our list of home meds already being given.

Most of them are to be given in small doses four times a day and not all of them can be given together. Needless to say, I picked up a day planner while I waited at the pharmacy. I haven't had to plan his meds around the clock like this since our pre heart surgery days.

As long as it works, after all this.. I'll do it. I'll do it and I'll like it.

Damn straight.

As for now, he's on 24hr J tube feeds and he seems to be tolerating them well. So far we can only get to 40ml an hour but it's working. He's getting nutrition and I'm happy, he's happy too.

Monday we go back for our follow up and Dr.B's planning on setting him for a contrast study. He's still having larger than normal bile and gastric outputs into the drain even though he's taking nothing by mouth yet and the Dr. feels that he's not moving things through properly. Maybe through the duodenum where he had a bypass surgery during his diaphragmatic hernia repair. We'll see. For now we're replacing the output overage with pedialyte so his electrolytes don't get funky.

That last night of IV meds seems to have kicked the mystery rash. To keep it away we have a few weeks of oral meds for that too.

For the moment I'm just going to try to enjoy our weekend and not stress too much.

Sounds good, huh?


  1. Oh, I am soooo glad you are home! Praying for an UNEVENTFUL weekend. :) I forgot he had the CDH when I left that long, rambling comment the other day. Sorry. J-tube feedings are great to keep them off of TPN, but a pain because you can't bolus or go too fast. Oh Well, I am glad he is getting some relief, you too!


    Steph and Christopher

  2. Sounds good. You do what you have to do right? I'm glad that your home. Things are always easier from home. Hopefully this will all get figured out soon. Hugs from me and Jax.