Sunday, July 26, 2009

Depends and the Dinosaurs...

I'm boring, that's right. I have no earth shattering medical emergency to detail today.

We went to the movies and saw Ice Age 3D and it..was..awesome.

I laughed so hard there were times i actually praised the heavens for good bladder control.. it was THAT funny.

I'd pay to see it again if i wasn't broke now, really.

It's amazing what one normal day in the scheme of things can do for you. Mentally, just being able to take my kids to the movies even with the hum of the feeding pump and the dozen or so stares from well meaning but nosey folks at the theatre, it was great.

I went WAY overboard buying candy and popcorn. There's still half a bag on my counter. Of popcorn i mean, the chocolate didn't last the first half hour of the film. I have a weakness.. don't judge me.

I probably could have bought a few days worth of groceries with the money i spent at the movies today, but man we had a good time!


  1. Good for you - You deserve it!!!! :)



  2. A good time always overrules some groceries. And that movie was definitely worth it. My seven year old had me laughing because he was laughing so hard, it was so cute.

  3. absoLUTEly. i don't have attention span enough for movies, but i am a popcorn-aholic. So I suffer through the films just for the opportunity to get a tub of popcorn I struggle under the weight of.

    I've NEVER regretted seeing a movie with a cute boy. Groceries be damned.