Monday, July 13, 2009

Still Crispy

I am crispy.. not just burnt folks, down right crispy.

I will get pics from the infamous beach fun tomorrow, promise.

I wanted to let you all know that the Gi doc has V scheduled for the GI study next Tuesday the 21st. For now he's holding his own and continuing to tolerate his J tube feeds and we're using lots of aloe to help get Mommy moving again.

Went to the appointment today and had to squeeze into a pair of jeans..

.... Oh My Lord ....

Why you ask would I torture myself this way???

Because every time I expose my toasted legs to the sun and hot air, I feel like I am absolutely going to burst into flames!!



  1. OUCH! Do they still make noxema? It burns like you-know-what at first, but it will eventually take the heat out. Hope you feel better soon.

    We will be in Chicago on the 21st. Will remember ot say some prayers for you. Christopher had his GI appt today. Lost 1lb 4oz. No explinations. He is down to 22lbs even and 38 inches long.

    Really hoping you feel better soon.



  2. Oh I'm so sorry. Make sure you have the sunscreen before you leave next time ;)
    I'm glad its still quiet around there and he's tolerating feeds. Praying it stays that way.