Saturday, July 11, 2009

More to Consider...

I spoke to our Gi doc, Dr.B the other night after a scare with a blocked J valve. I had his on call team page him at 9pm and God love him, he called me in about 5 minutes!
He walked me through it and we were able to relieve the blockage.. in his words.. "crisis averted".. whew!
He asked about the amount of bile that V's still putting out in the drain and when I told him he was very uncomfortable with my answer.
According to him the bilious drainage should have stopped by now and V should no longer be drain dependent.
We go in Monday for our discharge follow-up and he's going to schedule him for a contrast study.
Due to his congenital diaphragmatic hernia (a Morgagni diaphragmatic hernia to be specific), he also suffered a degree of intestinal malrotation and blockage. It was repaired with what's called a "ladd's procedure" during the hernia repair but Dr.B's worried that he may be suffering some sort of chronic malrotation again.
So... we scan. It will be scheduled during Mondays visit so I'll keep you all posted.


  1. Ugh, I do hope they get this figured out sooner rather than later. I really hope it is a simple fix for you. Keeping you in our prayers - try to get some rest!

    Steph and Christopher

  2. any more talk of duodenal webbing or atresia? poor skitterbug...keeping you in our thoughts and sending boomboom hugs to you...

  3. Hello Stephanie! I just read your message on Ava's blog. Ava never had the malrotation mainly bc her intestines are so "packed" and they adhere to themselves from so manyabdominal surgeries. I'm so sorry your little man is haing problems. Is he throwing up? If you email me we can talk. I will help any way I can!

    ~Terri Helmick

  4. Ugh, hopefully this will bring some answers that can be fixed. Give that cute boy a kiss from me and Jax.