Sunday, July 12, 2009

Toasty Buns

Short and sweet tonight...

Went to the beach...

Had a blast...

Lil man loves, loves, loves the beach!

Much needed and well deserved.. but Mom got burned... bad.

Ouch.. Ugh... Ouch... Ugh... Ouch!

Cutest ever pics to follow as soon as I can move without cringing...

You don't wanna miss em'...

Gonna go medicate myself and try to sleep without moving.

Wish me luck.


  1. ooooooooooooooo...the agony. the "oooo, it itches but if you even breathe on it the itch transforms to screaming hot pain" of a sunburn.


    prevacid: i use a pill chopper and crunch it down into quarters.
    Then I put the pieces into a syringe.
    I put the syringe stopper in and fill it with 4ml of warm water.
    I shake it like crazy and wait for 2 minutes or so...long enough to get the feed started.
    Then, I pause the feed and shoot the magic pink dust in there and resume the feed so the pump pushes it through.

    Oh, and skitterbugs are anything cute and small and quick...which i think would apply...

    can't wait to see the beach shots...

  2. Can't wait for pics. I wish I could go to the beach. Someday we'll be close. I wish you a good sleep, medicate away baby.

  3. Good to read you are back home again - only two more days until I am at the beach - and yes I will wear that bikini - no matter what! I doubt people will stare more than they used to stare at my ng-tube.