Saturday, July 18, 2009

It was one year ago..

tonight, that I held my Mother's hand and helped her through the transition as she left this life for the next.
She was the one of the most amazing people I have ever had the priveledge to love and love her I will.. always.
As devastated as I was that night, I felt an incredible sense of honor.
She brought me into this world and nurtured me. Now, I was there to help her as she left it.
There are moments about that night that I wish I could forget. Images of my Mom in that bed that I never wanted to see. She had suffered. Beautifully, with the utmost grace, she had suffered, for too long.
How does someone so strong come to this end?
It wasn't fair, it wasn't right that she had to go.
Still, she was tired. She was ready, whether I was or not.
So I was there, I cried, and I loved her all that I could in those hours..
and at 11:55 pm on July 18, 2008.. I let her go.
As I laid there next to her in that bed I watched as she took her last breath, I held her tightly as her heart slowly stopped beating.
She was finally free, finally whole again, and I was left in pieces.

Now a year later, as I look back on those hours, I wouldn't trade them for anything. She was my strength, and for once I got to be hers.

I love you Mom.. all the way to Heaven.

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  1. How sweet, and what an honor. I remembet my grandma dying the same way, at home, but in obvious pain and slowly losing her ability to communicate with us.
    I bet your mom is looking down at you and is so proud, what a great mommy you are to a sweet little boy.