Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Jail

Every now and again the runchkin needs a time out, not because he's naughty but just because Mama has lots of kids and sometimes even supermom's run out of steam.

As you can tell, at first he was pretty bored with the idea...

Not to fear he's the master at self entertainment.
Either that, or seeing me passed out on the couch from "let's keep track of the toobie" game all afternoon, was funnier than I thought.
This 24hr feeding business is working alright, but making sure the lil man
doesn't manage to rip it out of his belly with all his new found energy of late is quite the ordeal.
Oh we have the teeny tiny backpack and all but somehow he still seems to wiggle out of that contraption and tries to leave his super fuel behind.
That is the ultimate no no, can't have that.

So.. sometimes for the sake of my sanity, there's mandatory jail time for my love munchkin.

Oh the horror.. I must run free....

Ok, maybe I'll win you over by blowin' some kisses...

Being cute is super exhausting, isn't it?

Yup, that's my baby.

On the medical side of things we're actually still doing well, he hasn't had any major bile output from his g port for several days now and I'm cautiously filled with hope that we're on a better track.
I'm still watching closely as there seem to be times that he will go for a few days and be seemingly normal then out of nowhere the bile returns.
I STILL haven't heard anything from Dr.B's office about the GI study and in my book no news is good news, but with this malrotation issue, I know if it's not a full volvulus the symptoms can come and go. Because of this, if there didn't happen to be a rotation happening at the time of the study the bowel will look normal.
Not much else to do but wait and see, and try to enjoy our "normal" time and HAVE.. SOME.. FUN!

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  1. Oh, you are a MUCH, MUCH stronger woman than I would be. He would SO have me at the blown kisses. LC's stumpiness allows for more variety in her prison selection. Right now, the Baby Einstein jumparoo is the most popular holding cell. Since she's ubershort, it's less jump and more dangle. And if I lace the toobie up through the leg hole, she can't figure how to get to it. I haven't thought through my options for once she's mobile...hmmmmm...maybe those physical therapy appointments ought to be spaced out a bit...