Monday, December 28, 2009

Still here...

Sorry I've been neglecting my poor blog lately. Ever since Christmas Eve I've been fighting some kind of relentless monster bug.
The kids had a pretty good Christmas overall, and even got a Wii shipped with lots of love and packing peanuts from Nana all the way from Hawaii!
They have had a blast (V can even play!) and it's been a nice distraction for them while I try to kick this nastiness settled into my chest.
We got lots of pictures, and as soon as I feel better I'll upload them for everyone to see.
Until then...

cough.. cough.. gag!!!


  1. Praying you feel better soon. I thought I was getting Tanner's nastiness, but it hasn't been to bad.

  2. Feel better .. hasn't it been a winter filled with one thing after another?I say enough.Praying for better days.