Monday, December 7, 2009


I finally did it! I uploaded the Thanksgiving pictures!!! The first one is the best homemade mango salsa EVER.. the pies in the background turned out pretty darned good too. There were pecan pies behind those.. yum!

V (Vincenz as he's called at home) with Ryan and sissy Alissa. Kalei was being a bugger and decided to stay at her Mom's the whole day... boooo :(

This is a pic of our oven baked bird. The biggest one with all the stuffing inside! The other two were smaller, but only because we had to fit them into the fryer outside. They were injected with cajun butter and fried in peanut oil. Ooohhhhh.. good.

That's Ryan smoochin for the camera.

That's me, V, and Ryan behind aunt Kelli and her macho man Caleb. He's 6 months old and weighs almost as much as V!

Ha! Ha! Daddy and V along with goofey cousin Colby :)

More V perched happily on Daddy's head!!

So there's just a few of our Thanksgiving day beauties. Sorry it took so long to get them up. I seem to get sidetracked so easily these days.
Just to follow up, V has his neurology appointment on the 16th, and cardiology on the 22nd.
We have attempted twice now to get his bloodwork done and no one can get blood out of my kid! It's very depressing, I hate him having to get poked and then it's all for nothing... sigh. Maybe the third time will be the charm. We're going back down to Arnold Palmer this time to let the NICU nurses give it a go. Wish us luck.
He's had a good couple of days, we haven't seen any "episodes" so that's encouraging. Makes the wait for his appointments less frustrating.
Still... you know my munchkin. He loves to keep us guessing so I'm definitely not letting my guard down, but it's nice to have some good days :)


  1. Love all the pictures.Well worth the wait.and Mango salsa ... yum!Hope all the appointments go well and so hope they can get the blood they need in one clean poke.As for the post below,wish I had some words of wisdom but you know,these little ones can throw it all at us and usually ... it's nothing.They just like to see how gray they can make us.Oh yeah, wait,that's Zoey with me and I am really,really gray!!!

  2. You know, I'll have to send you a pic of the mini one. Its much flatter against their skin. And the nice thing is the mickey extensions fit on it, so you don't need all new stuff. Our mickeys just kept popping after about a month,sometimes only a couple of weeks, when they are supposed to last 3 months or so. I think part of it is he is swallowing more air with the trach, and since he doesn't pass anything, even gas, on his own. His belly gets distended and pops the balloon. But my homecare company said they've had a lot of complaints with mickey, so I think we'll just stick with the mini one.

  3. Hi Steph!
    I have found a something new to use for granulation tissue that I just have to tell you about. Mind you I never had big problems, but in the past two weeks due to getting excema around my stoma I stopped using anything I had used before because I wasn't quite sure what was contributing to that excema. Anyway in those two weeks I had granulation tissue come up on two bits of my stoma and they were about 3 mm above my skin. The tea tree oil thing unfortunately never worked for me. I then read that some parents use St. John's wort oil for stoma care. I actually bought it because my stoma was looking a bit red and tender. I have been using it since Saturday with a combination of a diaper cream that contains zinc oxide and my stoma has never looked as good before. Within two days my granulation tissue started to shrink and is now below skin level again. This is granulation tissue that has been bugging me for more than a month!
    And my stoma is less red as well! Maybe something to try out! I have always known that St John's wort oil is good for wound healing, but I never knew that it would work that well.