Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's like starting over...

First I want to thank you all for your kind words regarding my last post. To be honest I wasn't sure I should post about it. I've gotten so used to keeping it a private matter for so many reasons, sharing was kind of scary. I have just been so overjoyed in our newfound contact.
My William has a career in technology knocking at his doorstep, I'm sure of it. He got through some pretty sophisticated stuff to contact me. I am so proud of him. Both of them!!!
Justin, my now 13 year old (he was 8 1/2 when we were last together) has been a bit more shy and reserved. Thay have been through alot and he has some serious trust issues to work through. They were basically brainwashed into thinking that I didn't want them back. That I had sent them away. Fortunately William was old enough to know that it wasn't true. He is 16 now, he was 12 then. He's working on helping his brother understand what has happened. It's going to be a long, slow journey I'm afraid, but it's all worth it if it means that I can finally have all my children together again.
I just thank God that we found each other. They are still up north right now. There is alot to be worked out, but I talk to them often and we'll be exchanging more pictures soon.
Believe me, I'll be showing them off too!

As for the V update, we did finally get his bloodwork done Friday night. We had to go down to APH and have the NICU team draw him. They were wonderful with him and in the end it took an hour and a half, but they got it. They found a couple of halfway decent sites to draw from, but the blood had to be coaxed out of his veins. I'm just glad it's done.
Now we have Endo on Monday, then Neuro on Wednesday. Next week on the 22nd is his Cardiology appointment. Hopefully one of them can give us some answers to explain his "episodes", plus he's taken to sleeping anywhere from 14 to 16 hours overnight. He's always been a great sleeper but that's kind of excessive even for him!
A huge part of me hopes that we're just overreacting, or that maybe he does just have a virus or something, but my logical thinker knows that a virus wouldn't be holding on this long.. we'll see.


  1. Sorry I didn't get to post the other day. Happy that your children found you and that you can reunite and rebuild. Sounds amazing to have them find you at this time of year too. Wow you have been through a lot. Hugs go out to you. Hope all of V's tests come back good. Wysdom is a hard blood draw as well. His head still works the best. I have one nurse that I always call to do it. No one else if possible or it turns into an ordeal. Best of luck and I hope V is okay.

  2. I'm so excited for you and your boys!
    Your doing everything you can to make sure V's ok, hopefully an answer comes out of these tests?

  3. First,love,love,love the header picture.V is so darling.Glad you did share as we will continue to journey forward beside you.And,as to the upcoming bloodwork results and tests,we will walk beside you with those as well.I tell you,these kids,these last babies are killing me.Thanks for your prayers for Miss Z.Always,always appreciated.