Friday, December 11, 2009

Bear with me...

I'm kind of going out on a limb here, emotionally what I'm about to write has been a very difficult subject. Not one I have openly discussed. Partly because my journey with this needed to remain private for reasons I cannot explain. Also because it's just plain painful.
Four years ago, shortly before V's birth my two oldest children went for a visitation with their father up north. They were meant to stay with him for the last couple of weeks during the summer of 2005 and return home before the start of school. I took them to the airport and put them on a plane with every intention that in a matter of weeks they would be home.
I never saw them again.
The whole experience isn't one I care to relive in writing at the moment, but to sum it up, their father stole them from me.
In the midst of dealing with V's many medical and health issues over the last four years, I have been waging a war. A war to bring my boys back home. I finally made contact with my oldest son, well, he was able to make contact with me. Apparently in the past four years my shy, quiet boy was becoming quite the technical genius. HE found me...
I still had no ability to get to them at the time and no idea other than William's (my oldest) verbal description of what my two boys had become. Today, for the first time in four years I received an email containing a picture of my children.
I know this is probably not what any of you expected to read, honestly, it's not something I ever expected to post about. Up until now it's remained a very personal and private fight.
But today... today I can't stop smiling. I can't stop crying.
More than anything, I can't wait to hold them again.


  1. Oh,Steph ... sending you love and prayers to carry you until you can hold your beautiful boys again.Keep the faith and thank you for trusting us,most complete strangers,with this most personal part of your private journey.Love to you and your happy heart tonight.

  2. Oh, I am so happy that your were able to get in touch with them! :) Prayers going out to you all for an easy reunion & for all of you to get to know one another again. Big Hugs!!!!

    Steph and Christopher

  3. We are so sorry for you not having your boys. How awesome they found you. We are thankful you shared this with us. We will pray for you to be reunited with them.

  4. Oh I'm so excited for you through my tears. Praying you can get them home soon were they belong!

  5. I am so sorry you had to go through all of this, sometimes it's hard to believe what human beings can be capable off. Praying for you that things will start to turn around for you now!