Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here we go.....

We saw endochrinology on Monday, according to Dr. J his growth hormone levels and binding proteins are both at the very low end of normal. She was very impressed that he still seems to be growing well height wise despite it. She did say that both of those levels can be affected by nutritional status. Considering V's naughty stoma that led to his nutritional misadventures over the summer, that could possibly be the culprit. Even though it's now December, he's still playing catch up. She's not too worried. She gathered a little more information regarding the "episodes" we're investigating now, and she wants to look into the possibility that something may be off with his cortisol levels if our other doctors visits this week don't show anything conclusive. Several years back I had some major problems with my cortisol levels in relation to my lupus.

So wish us luck. Tomorrow is V's first neurology appointment. Hopefully we'll go in and find that it's nothing, that his "episodes" aren't seizure related. The alternative that it may be another heart issue isn't exactly an appetizing thought either, but we'll take it one specialist at a a time and hope for the best!

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  1. good luck with neuro today! Hoping its not seizure related, we hate seizures!