Monday, December 21, 2009

We did it.

Well the EEG excitement is over for now. We had a super wonderful night last night trying to keep V from getting too much sleep. That combined with not being able to eat was a real treat, to say the least, but we made it.

When we arrived at the hospital this morning I was fully expecting that he would readily konk out, but true to form my boy has to do it in his own way. They gave him the chloral hydrate and half an hour later he was still bouncing off the walls. It took two of us to corrall him into a comfy spot and lull him to sleep.

After that things moved along pretty quickly. He was hooked up and they started the sleeping portion of the test. He didn't move at all during the scan except for rolling over once which they marked on the machine a movement. Other than that I'm fairly clueless as to EEG waveforms and what it all means. He did register numerous spikes that showed up during the 20 minutes he was sleeping. Not sure exactly what that means though. The neuro doc won't read the report for another day or two since the test wasn't written as a stat EEG, so I guess now we wait.

The only real casualty of the day was his attitude. Apparently V and chloral hydrate don't make a happy pair. The tech warned me that he would probably seem kind of "drunk" from the sedation for a few hours, but no drunk here, unless they meant a crabby drunk.

After we got home he proceeded to angrily stuff a handful of potato chips in his mouth, yell and grump, then he got a nice warm bath to wash the goo out of his hair. Now he's not so happily bathed, lotioned, and laying in the playpen getting a Pediasure feeding and giving Mommy a break.

... tomorrow is cardiology. Hopefully. Not. With. Sedation.


  1. Nothing worse then an angry drunk.Seriously,poor V.They hate the way that stuff makes them feel.Zoey had a few sedated EKG's while she was on ACTH when she had seizures, which can enlarge the heart and it is a big time steroid.It always took double to knock her out and the after effect was not so pretty.Roid rage AND Chloral Hydrate rebound is not a good combo.

    Praying for an easier day tomorrow ... for you both!

  2. Man, I wish I was there with you, I could have read that eeg for you. Unfortunately we are pretty good at those. I hate waiting for the docs to read them. Better luck tomorrow!