Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Down...

Neuro went well today, besides the hour and a half we had to wait for our appointment. In the end we did find that although the wait was excessive, the doctor seems to be very thorough. He took V's history and we had a long talk about the episodes he is experiencing. The final result was a script for an EEG to be done next Monday at APH... can you feel my excitement???

Apparently my 16 hour a night sleeper of late can only have 4 hours of sleep the night before (yipee)!

He cannot eat for 8 hours before (in case he has to be sedated for the sleeping portion of the EEG).

And.... I must make sure his hair is clean and neat (shouldn't be a problem).


  1. Best of luck with everything. Sorry you had to wait so long. Wow doing all this through the holidays must be stressful. Anywasy I bet you just want to know he is okay.

  2. yeah the hair part will be cake. The rest, not so much. I never worried about it to much with Jax. I've never heard of not letting them eat though, I wonder what thats about.

  3. They want him NPO because they may have to sedate him.