Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moving in the right direction...

Well, today has brought some ups and downs, but for the most part everyone seems to be feeling at least a little better.

Ryan's prednisone is finished (thank God), I love my kids on steroids!
He's still on the nebulizer treatments morning and night with albuterol and the flovent inhaler. He also gets claritin daily for some skin related allergies. The combination seems to be working so we'll keep it up. X ray's today were negative for any infection, but I did get that ominous "you need to see his doctor this week for the full report on his films". Love that.
We'll see her tomorrow morning so we can get that out of the way before the holiday just in case we need to change any of his meds.

Little V man is still fairly sputtery and doesn't have much of an appetite, but we have g toobie backup so i'm not overly worried about that. Usually he loves mealtime. Sometimes I think it's more about the social experience for him, but he likes his food too!
Seems like no matter how much he gets in though it's never enough. All he has to do is miss out on a couple of Pediasure feeds and his weight starts to plummet.. go figure?

Ah well. He's still on the breathing treatment too. Albuterol and pulmicort for now. We have the pulse/ox here so if need be we can use some supplemental O2, but he's still hanging at the lower end of normal. That in itself gives me more peace about him being sick. Usually, if it's the start of someting serious his sats drop way low even before the major symptoms hit and i'm not seeing that yet, so I think we're just dealing with a run of the mill case of the snots.

I do want to thank you all for the love and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Now for my holiday wish...

Some of you may know that the bulk of our close family is Hawaiian, living in Kauai, so we unfortunately won't be with them for Thanksgiving.
The family we do have here is, how can I put this delicately, um, wildly dysfunctional.
Imagine a house full of loud, overly opinionated Italian rednecks...

I'm just hoping we can get through the holiday without any intervention from local law enforcement.
#1 because i'm tired of blazing lights coming down our drive, and..
#2 because I have no money to spend for bail. Seriously.

... wish us luck :)


  1. Glad everyones feeling better. I'm beginning to wonder if ours was just aspiration. He wretched while having his blood drawn, nothing came all the way out, but I did see formula in his throat. There wasn't a whole lot I could do while a needle is in his arm. The fever and fast respirations came a couple hours later, and now he's fine. Huh!

  2. Wow it sounds hectic over at your place with all of the treatments and things. Praying that everyone get's better soon and the V starts to feel like eating and Ryan's films are good. Happy Thanksgiving to ya!! Take care and hope you have a nice relaxing time. On a note about weight Wysdom lost some this week. But the week he threw up all day he gained. No idea how?!!:)