Saturday, November 21, 2009

The doctor calls it "phlegm" but to me it's still just snot.

How's that for a lead in???

Well it's happened. My ONE healthy kid is no more. A few months ago Ryan started with a nagging night time cough. Lately it's progressed to a full blown snotty pukefest nearly every night.

No sleep, irritable, ready to snap.. and that's just me. Ryan's worse.

So we gave in and headed to our friendly neighborhood pediatrician Dr R.
She sems to think that Ryan is becoming asthmatic, considering the symptoms combined with his exam and our oh so healthy (not) family history.

So we went home with a script for a chest xray, flovent, albuterol, and prednisone.


There's no school next week because of the holiday and my normally turbine driven, go flat out, has to constantly be moving six year old is now on steroids.

..... pray for me. please.

I does seem to have helped though. In the past 48 hours his respiratory symptoms have done a complete 180. He's slept for the last two nights (hallelujah) and had no major hacking during playtime, so I guess it's worth the craziness I'm very sure is coming.
Fortunately the prednisone is only for a week at this point. The flovent and albuterol are long term. No big deal in the grand scheme of things I suppose. Just one more reason to Love Love Love my girls at the pharmacy for being so on top of our needs.

I did have to turn down Dr R.'s very polite offer for a nebulizer and aerochamber.

We already have three... *sigh*

Whatever it takes :)


  1. Hope you all are on the mned.finally finding our way ... till the next wave rolls in.Have a happy and absolutely HEALTHY weekend.

  2. Oh, well I am glad to hear that he is feeling better and was able to sleep. Wow you have your hands full I must say. Sending hugs your way and hoping that everyone feels better.

  3. Ugh I'm so sorry and so know how you feel. Before I even had Jaxson, my Carter was checked for CF because he was hospitalized 3 times in his first year for respitory problems. But given my hubbys horrible asthma, I knew my kids were doomed. So not only do I have Jax with every medical problem possible, I have two horrible asthmatic kids(and a hubby)