Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

Well, I learned the lesson this past week that I should have braved the toothache pain along with it's drug induced giddiness and posted Halloween pictures. This would be because two days later on November 2nd, Ryan turned 6 and in my Happy Birthday picture frenzy I made a horrible mistake....

... I erased the Halloween pictures! Aaahhhhh!

Way to go supermom.

So instead of the cuteness of my runchkin sporting some serious leather and a hefty number of temporary "biker" tattoos and Ryan as "super Spidey" with rippling muscles of foam....

I have nada. I suck.

I did manage to keep Ryan's birthday pictures with all the kiddos (and cousin Jessi), and get a few more recent one's of V sampling Big Daddy's hunting gear.
Therefore I leave you with a new level of cute.


  1. Oh I was just thinking about you and wondering if everything was okay. Where did you go? I am not sure if you actually went some where? I haven't caught up on my blogs now for about a week or so. Cute pics. Sorry you lost your halloween ones. I guess on a dull day you could get them all dressed up again.:) Kidding,well maybe not.

  2. Oh I think I get it. You were away because you were in so much pain from your tooth. Hope you feel better.

  3. Vincencheeto, it's best we didn't see you in your biker gear. LC's dad might have advised against allowing you into her social circle. (I'd have taken you, though.)

    You look GREAT in hunting gear...definitely well equipped for some peacock catching...

  4. Ahh the nerf guns. Thats all my boys want for Christmas.
    Well you can put them back in their costumes just for some picture taking LOL!