Thursday, May 28, 2009

Heat Styles

We live in Florida. For any of you who have ever lived here, traveled here, or watched an episode of CSI: Miami, you know it gets pretty hot around here. Now I'm not talking really warm and humid, I'm talking HOT.. damn hot.. walking on the face of the sun kinda hot.

It gets pretty hot.

So what do we do when it gets close to summer at our house???

We break out the clippers... dum dum dum duuummmm.......

He was not exactly what you might call enthused about the whole idea but
once you make the first cut there's no going back, right?

Eventually he started coming around.
...........Maybe not.

1 comment:

  1. Definitly buzz time. You know, Jax had SSI and medicaid and I was so dumb to just go out and cancel them both when we got our settlement. But the annuity that he gets monthly is tax free and so we don't have to use it as income for SSI. I will probably go back and sign him up for that too. I thought we would be fine with our house paid off, but medical expenses are keeping us on our toes.