Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Short Stuff

So the munchkin has this toobie in his belly. And the toobie is NOT being pleasant to deal with.
It's oozey...
It's crusty...
It's leaky...
We have gone down three sizes in the last six months. GI now believes we need to size down AGAIN.
This better work, cuz this one is the shortest toobie they make.
They don't go any shorter.

This better work.... dude needs a working toobie.
When the toobie don't work, dude gets skinny.

Send working toobie vibes.... please.

Think chunky.


  1. Sending good toobie vibes. Are they going shorter or smaller? Cause if you go down in size it will leak more. But your just going down in length right?

  2. Yea, we're staying with an 18fr, just going down to a 0.8