Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finally a Reprieve

Today we decided that enough was enough. We took the kids and headed out for something we rarely get to do anymore. We had a day of adventure.

Lately money had been very tight so alot of the fun extras we used to indulge in have had to go, but today we needed a break, so we went ICE SKATING!

It was an absolute blast! I haven't been since I was a teenager, and the little kids had never been before. I was amazed at how quickly they picked it up. There was the obvious first time death grip on the wall when they first went onto the ice, but after a fall or two they loosened up and started to have fun.

They even had a pair of little bitty ice skates to fit V! He eventually got to where he could stand and even take a step or two off the ice, but as soon as we hit the rink his feet went crazy and he turned into dead weight. Everyone we passed said he had the biggest smile though. So it was all worth it. Every time we took a break to sit and rest all he did was point to go back out on the ice. He really enjoyed the music and jammed out the entire afternoon. I so wish we owned a camcorder!

We all had pizza and even got a tray of cupcakes from a birthday party that was there. After the public skating was closed we got to stay and let the kids watch the zamboni clean the ice while a hockey team got set for practice.

Today was a good day, hopefully just one of many more to come.

p.s. We did manage to get some cell phone pics and I will try to get those up soon. I know I still owe you all holiday pictures too!


  1. Oh Steph I'm so glad you got out and had some fun. Just what you needed so you don't lose your mind!

  2. It's good to just get out sometimes. I know how you feel, it's been real tight around here too.
    But ya need a good day once in a while!

  3. Yeah, we were about two years and half a dozen catastrophies over due!

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