Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Storming the Gates...

This is a bit of a sidetrack to my current "life story" expose of late, but it's a very important one. Those of you who have read my older posts know how I feel about childhood cancer.

(insert expletive)

One of our new friends is in need of some serious, hard core prayers today. Zoey Grace Needham is a super sweet little bucket of love I've had the priveledge to follow recently. She's a fellow Ds darling who also happens to have battled AML leukemia. She recently completed 6 grueling months of chemotherapy in her trademark style. Now after just barely being able to return to a happy, cancer free life she is once again undergoing a bone marrow biopsy today (WEDNESDAY) to see if her cancer has relapsed.

How I hate the "R" word.. in all it's forms.

Please stop by her blog "Little" and experience the wonder for yourself. Leave Zoey and her family some words of encouragement and please, please pray that Miss Zoey is still cancer free!

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  1. Oh my little Zoey, I'm waiting on pins and needles either for a phone call or an email about the events of today. Its making me crazy.