Friday, August 21, 2009

Bliss, I tell you.. absolute bliss.

I've never really posted about it, I guess because it's never been a blogland issue. But the fact of the matter is that after V was born I had to leave my job, we had no family capable of helping with childcare, and daycare germs were a definite no no.
So, after he was born, living on one income, we moved from our spacious 3 bedroom 2 bath home into an apartment. It was an adjustment, but we made it.
Then, thanks to an unforgiving economy, Carmen lost his job of 10 years and we were forced to give up the apartment.
Ever since then we have been existing, as a family of 8, in a 26 foot motor home.
Not exactly what one dreams of as they grow older in life, but better than a tent in someone's backyard, right?

(I try to look on the bright side and remember how many people nowadays really ARE living in tents, and worse)

Needless to say, between all of us and all of Vincentio's medical equipment, things get a bit cramped and more than a bit noisy around here.
But right now, at 12:38 am, everyone (except the dog) is sleeping peacefully.
I have to say that as much as I love the bustle of my children's lives, THIS is bliss.
Sheer and absolute quiet. Doing not a single solitary thing other than making the perfect cup of coffee to enjoy in my perfect quiet little house.

... and dreaming of the day that my "perfect quiet little house" won't be on wheels anymore.

sweet dreams :)


  1. One year ago I walked away from my 3br/2ba home as well. We moved across the country and now live with my no the life I had planned.

  2. I am truly amazed at all that you and your family have been through. You must be such a stong person. I just finished reading the last post on Vincentio's story. He is such a strong boy as well. I can't believe all that he has been through The last bit about the hernia and all of the troubles that occured with it just seemed like so much for him to go through. Keep up the amazing job that you are doing. You have such a positive attitude..You are a very special person:)

  3. That you recognize the beauty,amongst the trials and uncertainties,is what truly matters in the end.We too lost our large spacious home over a year and a half ago.We live in a townhouse with a whole lot of people milling around but at least we are all here milling around.One day it may change but maybe not and if not, then I need to continues seeing with clarity the miracle in the moment.

    "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"John Lennon~Beautiful Boy

  4. Wow - I had no idea!!! You are an amazingly strong woman and I admire you for being able to still recognize the positive things in life even in challenging circumstances!

  5. Thanks guys, it helps so much to know that we're not alone. You all are such a wonderful group of friends.
    I'm grateful to have you.